Saturday, July 3, 2010

Helena to Boulder

In order to split up a 20 mile day and a 47 mile day, I left Helena on route to Park Lake campground, I headed towards Park Lake and then followed Route 15 aiming for Basin. On my way out I saw my first "CD Bicycle Route" sign which was great! The route started on washboarded forest roads and several stops to question whether or not it was going to rain was needed. Followed by a few stray dogs, I made my way up the steep hills to a T stop where I had to make by descision for the night. I chose to follow route 15 to make tomorrow shorter, but just outside Boulder, the heavens opened and I was soaked and freezing cold. Not to mention an ensuing hail storm which makes it even more difficult when your peddling along the side of a highway. Boulder provided a descent nights sleep an a 9.30 start the next morning

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