Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lincoln to Helena

As mentioned, today was spent on road. Granted it was a rest day, it was still close to 60 miles. The weather was perfect and I slowly followed a thunderstorm in the near distance, all the way to Helena. I was fortunate to stop in Canyon Creek, with the only services being a small country store. In fact, the smallest store with the largest inventory that I have ever been in. It also included a small antiques annex as well. Merna, the owner, was extremely nice and offered a tasting of their huckleberry ice cream (actually made in Colorado). The riding was obviously easier, but at the same time not as interesting as the forest roads. Once outside of Helena, there was a 5 mile stretch to link up with Dad for the night. We were able to find a great (tumble weed) IPA from Lewis and Clarke brewery. There was also a block party with live music, the great atmosphere included a near apocalyptic sky as another storm crept in.

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