Monday, July 19, 2010

Pinedal t o Little Sandy Creek Campsite

I needed to make sure that I was stocked up for 4 days, as Rawlins was 220 miles away. And there were limited services en route. I also needed to take into account that there would also be limited opportunities to re-supply water. I continued to sweep by the Wind River Range and it was not long before I arrived in Boulder, a quick rest was all that was needed in Boulder and I headed east into the (Jim) Bridger Wilderness. I was aware that these four days would be some of the most wild and remote times that I have (and will) see on this journey, but this route had served as a Continental Divide crossing for early nineteenth century explorers and emigrants. If their wooden wagons could accomplish it, so could I. It was a relatively easy journey despite the roller coaster terrain and I had help from a passing motorist who was insistent that he gave me water for the ride. I arrived at Little Sandy and found that a local outfitters ( also had rights to the very primitive campsite, they welcomed me (and knew of many others who have attempted such an expedition) and invited me over for dinner! So thank you to Bobbi, Mike "the cowboy", Emily and Cade (who was from Alaska and does not ride polar bears in case you were wondering). As I crossed the gravel road to set up camp for the night, a thunderous sound ensued, and before I knew it an SUV had rolled over into a nearby ditch. This SUV had been pulling another truck down the rocky slope and lost control, everyone way okay but I quickly sought Mike and Bobby's help since I was in the middle of nowhere and without service. All of the passengers were safe (including a 1 year old) and with the help of local cowboys, passers by and the county sheriff we took care of the situation. After the chaotic start to the evening, we sat down for amazing bison tacos and great hospitality.

Miles: 47

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  1. Tremendous reading and great pics, Zander! I know what you mean about the mid-WY wind - and I was in a car! I was sorry my route couldn't take in Pinedale - it sounded very interesting in McCoy's books - and not just for the brewery...And what was your Frisbee Golf score?! Remember Rose's Lariat in Rawlins (410 E Cedar): open 11 to 7.