Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Warm River Camground to Flagg Ranch

Another early start as I was peddling by 9am, and looking forward to the day. The mileage was a meager 48 miles and I thought nothing of it. After 10 miles of rolling grain and potato fields, I switched to dusty forest trails. Climbing over 1800ft, I tried to keep my eyes off the speedometer, as the mileage never seemed to change. My rear wheel seemed exhausted as it grasped for friction with the loose and sandy forest roads. It was an extremely tough day, mixed emotions constantly filled my forethought as I battled my way around the Northern Flank of Les Trois Tetons. Also named the "The Pilots Knobs" by earlier explorers. I unknowingly passed into Wyoming, and only cared that I would finish the day before sunset. The day was spent washing down the dust from my throat and wiping the sweat from my face. The Tetons did provide a nice backdrop to today's ride as I skirted around the Yellowstone border, but the rugged roads kept my thoughts from the inspirational scenery. I arrived at the industrial strength Flagg Ranch, with little strength to spare although full of gratitude for my performance on the day. I was in need of a good nights rest and took comfort that they had only one room left.

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