Monday, July 26, 2010

Aspen Alley to Steamboat Lake

I had caught up with another GDMBR rider and we left the campsite within minutes of each other, both deciding that we would take the alternate to Steamboat. The alternate was no second choice to the gorgeous scenery and would pass through the town of Columbine. The ride started out on forest roads and pass through Aspen Alley, a tourist attraction with the foliage in the Fall. A quick jaunt down State Highway 70 was int erupted by a large herd of cattle in the middle of the road, and a nice interpretive sign on the nearby Battle Mountain. I was soon off on gravel roads again, and a long climb to Columbine, questioned my ability to reach the town of Steamboat Springs. Once I reached Columbine, I headed for the Steamboat Lake Visitors Center to get a camping permit. Unfortunately it had closed by the time I arrived and a thunderous echo in the distance meant that it was time to eat and seek cover. I headed for a small cafe at the northern end of the lake, not only to eat but gain information on camping. As I sat there and ate my burger, 3 tacos, bowl of fries, 4 sodas, and gelato sandwich the heavens opened and I was glad to be inside. Once the rain had abated I headed for the Steamboat Lake campsite, unfortunately the storms were not over for the day, and it rained early into the morning. With little sleep, I was still able to get an early start the next morning as I headed into Steamboat.

Miles: 50

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