Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little Joe to Bannack State Park

I awoke to a thin layer of frost coveting the view of my map, brushed quickly aside I ventured out of my tent to find that my water bottles had also frozen over night. Although I was not the first to get out of bed, I was the first to leave the campground. The ensuing 30 miles was mostly on pavement although a 6 mile climb greeted my morning slumber, I pushed and peddled my way past Elk Horn Hot Springs. The weather and the terrain made it tedious as I had to constantly stop and restart to put on an extra layer. Soon after noon I joined the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail (Virginia to Oregon), and headed down Country Road 278 to Bannack State Park. Bannack was named territorial capital in 1864, when the Montana Territory was split from the Idaho Territory. There is still a ghost town left from their mining heyday's. Since it was the last night that Dad would be in the area we took a ride to Dillon and saw the point where Lewis and Clarke triangulated their position, and then we had dinner at the Lions Den. An early night was needed for the next day as I planned to leapfrog to Lima (pronounced like the bean).

Miles: 38

Bannack State Park (Vigilante Campground)

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  1. I like the idea that (Lewis &) Clark had dinner at the Lion's Den after triangulating their position from Clark's Lookout! Perhaps the LD should add a neon-signed 'L&C Pizza' or 'Pasta Sagagawea' to the menu.....

    Tap 'er light -