Monday, July 5, 2010

Fleecer Ridge

The day started with a 6 mile climb, then bursting from the the trees I was confronted with the famous (or infamous) Fleecer Ridge. On the way up many had asked how I would arrive in Wise River and other said that I would "git her done". I arrived at the base of the ridge, out of breath and confident that I could at least push the bike up the ridge, and up the ridge, and up the ridge, all the way to 8000ft. All the way past my turning point to get off the ridge, and this is where I stayed for around an hour and a half. As you can see from the GPS, I never found the true way off the ridge. The "faded" path was certainly not there, and the barricade that I was meant to look for had fallen down. I did however see a road in the distance and since the ride to it was mentioned to be un-ridable I figured that I didn't have the strength to bushwhack over to it. So I took an equally strenuous path down the way I came and lost mileage for the day. I had to take the paved alternate to Wise River and arrived just in time to refuel at the only store in town. No reception made it tricky to link up with Dad, but we found each other and made it to Little Joe Campground.


  1. Keep the photos coming!! They are gorgeous!!!

  2. Your photos and entries are wonderful.....thank you for sharing!

  3. I find this trip of yours to be so exciting. The pictures are beautiful!! Stay Safe!
    Andrea (Eric and Kathy's cousin)

  4. Thank you! sorry I can only update when I have service (which is slightly lacking out here) and also hard to do inside a tent! thus they will come in bunches I suspect..Enjoy!

  5. i agree they are beautiful. and your entries are great and entertaining. and if i were you i would have made friends with the git er done people. lol. but you know that's my style ;)