Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flagg Ranch to Togwotee

Although most of today was spent skirting the breakdown lane of highways, I was also skirting the dramatic eastern slope of the Teton Range. Running parallel to Jackson Lake at the beginning of the day, I had to be careful not to stop too many times for photo opportunities. I turned at Moran Junction, heading away from Jackson and set off on Buffalo road which would lead me to Turpin Meadows. Upon arrival, I still had the ambition and energy to keep the day moving. Little did I know that this would involve a 1500ft climb with the first of 4 miles on forest roads. Even so, my intentions lead me to Togwotee Ranch, and there was a primitive campground with my name on it. I had the ability to pay for a shower and sit down for a hot meal. That was after relaying my story to 30 middle school kids, 30 times. With 8 miles less to do the next day I felt comfortable that I could manage the ensuing 40 miles.

Miles: 48


  1. Great stuff, Z! I guess those Tetons are prettier to view than ride around. My remaining travelogue will follow by email shortly for one of your 'idle' moments.

  2. Your mom, Mel and I were checking out the blog--Congrats! We all wish you the very best on your journey.


  3. Great photo's Alex! I just sent you a text but remembered you said that you would be blogging your trip. Hope all is well and looking forward to seeing more pics of your journey.


  4. Alex--looks like you are having the experience of a lifetime. Enjoy every minute of it!

  5. Alex,
    It is great fun tracking your progress. I am a daily "junkie" on your blog. What an adventure. The scenery out there is so spectacular. I can't imagine riding and always being engulfed in it. You appear to be making great progress. You must be exhausted at the end of each day. Keep your blog and pictures coming. Be safe. You are not missing anything here. It is just hot and sticky!