Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steamboat Lake to Steamboat

Thunderstorms...a new obstacle, it did not dampen my spirits although it did dampen my sleeping bag. Either the tent is not 100% waterproof, or it came in through the rain fly. O just took a little longer to leave camp. Most of today was spent on Route 129, as I coasted (mostly downhill) into Steamboat. I was able to nab the only campsite with a shelter and electricity at the Steamboat RV park, and my neighbors (also teachers) offered me a ride into town. The skies had not brightened from the night before and I did not look forward to another night of storms. I had dinner at the Mahogany Ridge Brewery, and saw the practice round for the ensuing night's rodeo. A relaxing day overall and I looked forward to spending the next day in town as well.

Miles: 30

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