Friday, July 9, 2010

Upper Lake Campground to Big Springs...actually Warm River

Since I was awake and out of "sleeping bag" at 7, I had no reason not to set off by 8.30, although the intended mileage was around 30 miles for the day. The day before, I had come to the
realization that my barometer and elevation marker was off by 1000ft!, not sure when this happened, and not sure whether or not it was actually comforting. But I re-calibrated it at Red Rock Pass (7120ft) which is also the border of Montana and Idaho. Finally finished with Montana!! It was a short but steep climb up to the pass, and a welcoming descent down to Henry's Lake. I arrived at Big Springs before 1pm and decided that it would be a waste to stop at that point. I refueled at the local grocery store, again eating too much and regretting it for the next 10 miles. I choose to head to Warm River via Route 20 and the Mesa Falls Byway. Knowing that this would put the days mileage near 60. As you may see from the GPS points I did stop halfway (I was not lost) but there was a local craft fair, which also provided rest for the legs. I turned onto the Mesa Falls Byway, which is a more scenic route to Ashton. Again another stop at the Lower Mesa Falls provided an opportunity for rest and pictures. My legs were hoping that the day would end and it was another 5 miles to the Warm River campground. Upon arrival, the "campground full" sign was disheartening, although Velma (the host) and her husband (Lynn) were absolutely amazing and found me a spot next to them. I was welcomed into their trailer for chili, and we shared stories until it was time for me to part ways for the night. This campground is certainly the best National Forest Service campground, which is in agreement with Micheal McCoys "Cycling the Great Divide" book. Slight showers did not dampen my nights sleep, and when I awoke I was again welcomed to their trailer for the morning's libation of caffeine. Thank you again for your generosity and kindness.

Miles: 60 (or 59.89)

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