Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lima to Upper Lake Campground

Still getting used to the long mileage and this day would be the longest I have ridden by far, especially since it was all off road. After 14 miles I passed the Lima reservoir and entered the desiccated countryside, traveling on gravel and dirt roads. As I entered the Red Rock Wildlife Refuge the scenery changed, I entered the wetlands and started to see forests again. The Red Rocks NWR was created for the protection and propagation of the trumpeter swan, this location is the only viable population of trumpeter swans in the entire U.S. I was also amazed to see a white pelican, and later found out that this was not a mistake. I stopped at the Lakeview Guest Ranch to have a quick chat and use their sprinklers to refill my water bottles. And quickly finished the remaining 5 miles to Upper Lake. A natural spring at the campground provided me with more than enough potable water and it was not long before I was joined by two others who were also doing the GDMBR, albeit on motorcycles. Somewhat jealous that I would only take them 13 days or so, we shared our stories and it certainly made the middle of nowhere feel a lot better. As a side not the mosquitoes at this campground were viscous and it forced me inside my tent by 8.30pm. Good luck to Isaac and his dad on the rest of their travels.

Miles: 55

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