Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 3 Red Meadow to Whitefish

Another climb to start the morning, around 6 miles to the Whitefish divide and an elevation of 3905ft...and that means snow. Thankfully I was prepared, or at least forewarned. Moving from 80 degrees at low elevations to snow at Red Meadow campground certainly took its toll. It was slow moving through the snow, and with all the weight behind me I had to dismount and walk. Thankfully when there's a climb there is also a descent, although most of my elevation was lost in a couple of miles. Surface water was prevalent, allowing me to resupply on the run. At the moment I am running through 5 water bottles and a Camel Pack each day. The descent terminated at a paved road which ran parallel to Whitefish lake, a semi easy route back into Whitefish. Only disheartening when road bikers are going 10 to 15 mph faster. My spirits rose once I saw Big Mountain, and a quick pit stop was needed for hot food at a gas station, not sure what was in their "tornado" but protein is protein. Met Dad at the motel, washed up and headed out for some libation and food. Granted no amount of caffeine would have allowed my legs to work properly. Regardless of a warm bed, barely any sleep was gained from it..


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