Sunday, June 20, 2010

First day (kinda) and the tan lines are phenomenal!!

So last night was spend in a Holiday Inn, the maid was not used to people answering the door in their boxer shorts..o well..needless to say I was off around 11am with thanks to Cindy and the manager Dennis who let me store my gear in their maintenance shed. I spent the day adjusting to the altitude, this turned into a 2000ft climb up (aptly named) Big Mountain. At the turn around point I was above the snow line and had an adrenaline filled descent, reaching 35mph at points. Lunch consisted of a turkey and meat candy (bacon) panini, garbanzo bean salad and a mayhem bar (coconut, chocolate, oatmeal, walnuts and mayhem). A restock of (on sale) energy bars was much needed, each packing 280 calories. A quick stop at the local supermarket turned into me buying a brick of sugar, I had intended to pre-mix this with the oatmeal but it turned out to be a source of entertainment rather than nourishment. Kathleen picked me up around 5 and we headed for Eureka. On the way we saw a Partridge with two chicks, very nice to see although they were in the middle of the road. Hope they ended up safe! We found my motel and took a quick look at the road to the border...all in all a 46.1 mile day for tomorrow. The local laundromat had closed so I stocked up for the next 3 days and am all set to leave tomorrow. Tomorrow's ride is through Tobacco Valley with my destination being Tuchuck Campground..


  1. As you actually ride your first mile today on the Great Divide - may every mile be better than the one before. Also, with today being the first day of Summer 2010 - what a wonderful way to mark this adventure!!!

  2. GOOD LUCK ALEX!! Enjoy every second! Scotty and I will be following along......

    Tammy G.