Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 1 (Eureka to Tuchuck Campground)

Many of these posts will be written from the future and thus contain a melting pot of thought and experiences, due to lethargy at the end of the day and not always having service. Ok, so... I needed to finish some laundry in town before I started, and thus was not able to start peddling until 10:15'ish, it was cool and constantly raining and extremely overcast for the majority of the day. I had 6 miles to the border before I could actually start the ride. I was soon aware that I had packed too much equipment, granted this excursion is full of up's and down's, I needed to plan on loosing some weight in the trailer. The majority of the day was spent on tarmac, with semi's rolling by...until around 2pm when I pulled off into Kootenai National Park. From there I had another 25 miles to my suggested campground. Unfortunately I misinterpreted the words "turn for" in my directions, interpreting them as a direction rather than a suggestion. This lead me to a dead end and with the lactic acid building up I decided to find a nearby campsite instead of a long climb to Tuchuck. As I realized from the next day, it would have taken me another 3 hours to get to Tuchuck. Luckily I was the only one at Graves Creek (pronounced "crick" out here) and a plentiful water source to filter and restock my supplies.

Time peddling: 5 hours
Miles: 33.4
Average: 7 mph

From the Kootenai News (piece of) Paper found at the Laundromat:

What starts with an e, ends with an e, and usually contains one letter?

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