Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2 Headed to Red Meadow

One would think an "early" start would allow me to easily catch up the time that I had lost from the day before, a 2 mile climb to 4000ft would provide an argument otherwise. Such a climb resulted in amazing scenery, loss of breath and first real sign of snow! Most of the day was spent on gravel roads along the North Fork, which forms the western boundary of Glacier National Park. No sign of the Canadian lynx or woodland caribou, just a scattering of deer and small furry chipmunks or relative there of. After the tedious climb to the Whitefish divide there was a 5 mile descent, followed by a rolling 20ish mile gravel road. Once onto Red Meadow Road and 9 miles from my destination, I was forewarned that there would still be snow at that elevation, so I was offered a tootsie roll (by a very kind family) and the knowledge that there was a campsite a few hundred feet up the road. Again a very primitive campsite even in comparison to the previous night, but it allowed for some rest as I needed to make up the lost miles on the next day.

Miles: 38
Time peddling: 6.5 hours

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