Saturday, June 19, 2010

Overnight to Whitefish MT

Another long day on the train, woke up with a pulled muscle in my lower back..but still feel rested. Perfect blue skies touched flat rolling land with intermittent rows of brown and green wheat fields. The reason being, that wheat needs two years of moisture, thus its planted in rows, each row harvested in successive years. The rows are planted north to south so that the east and west winds prevent soil erosion. The flat farm land quickly turned into the mountainous landscape of Glacier National Park, and a first glimpse of the inspiring rocky mountains. Snow capped peaks and rivers that Lewis and Clark once traveled. We were in Black Feet Indian territory for a portion of the day and finished in the small town of Whitefish. I hope to ride up Big Mountain tomorrow so that I can see the whole of Glacier Park. Once I arrived in Whitefish, Cathleen met me and it took us a moment to find a room for the night. We went out to Craggy Ridge for a well needed refuel of IPA and protein. Check out the pics below and also my location at , hopefully I will be able to embed this map before I start. Many thanks to Cathleen for her hospitality! Hope everyone is well back home..

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