Monday, June 27, 2011

Selkirk Campground to Hartsel

38 miles and around 5 hours on the bike. Today started with a 1 mile climb back to the route, certainly better than an instant cup of nescafe coffee. Then it was downhill to the town of Como. Originally thought to be desolate, I was able to pick up a BACON, egg and cheese fuel source. The down hill was fast and rugged showing why the PT Barnum Circus needed their elephants to help the train up Boreas Pass. This pass coincidentally, is the 15th divide crossing and the second highest peak at 11453ish feet. The ensuing 25 miles was a rolling and wash boarded dirt and gravel road, it actually dislodged one of the water bottles in the trailer. The heat was bearable with a steady cross wind, although the tan lines have certainly developed. Once the route hit 24, I stopped and had the chance to meet 5 divide racers, their demeanor dampened as we headed into a 5 mile stretch with a strong head wind. I stopped at a store in Hartsel and met other divide riders along with a few Trans Am riders (Virginia to Oregon). With little in the way of campsites in this wide open plain, I was fortunate to take a peek at an updated version of my maps which showed a nearby Ranch with camping services. Where I found that mice do not appreciate fig newtons as much as I do.

P.S. also found the buffalo :)

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