Friday, June 24, 2011

Breckenridge to Selkirk Campground

Already acquainted with Boreas Pass, 1900ft climb at a fairly easy grade of 3-5%. The goal being to climb and camp at the top. Boreas Pass will be the 15th (out of 29) crossing of the continental divide and the second highest elevation at 11,482ft. This route had been closed yesterday since the path was wet. Colorado recieved snow last week and I reached the snow line at around 10500ft. The temperature was in the high 80's but the cool winds at the elevation kept the climb manageable. It was a short day as I pedaled 1 mile off the route to the Selkirk campground. A nice campground with a nearby stream as a water source. Certainly a great alpine setting for a cozy little campground. It was an early night after 5 failed attempts to set up my bear container.

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