Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cuba to Pueblo Pintado

From here to Grants it 116 miles, this can be either two or three days. I chose to head to Pueblo Pintado, with little information of nearby services or surroundings. The ACA maps were not 100% accurate as far a services but it wasn't a bad stretch. The first gas station was located at around 30 miles and it was also my first meeting with someone from the "res" or member of the Navajo, he questioned whether or not Connecticut was a state but we had a great conversation as I stopped to refuel and rest the legs. Another 25 miles led to a small laundromat, and another conversation with a member of the Navajo, who asked whether or not I knew of the Mohegan Tribe. I replied that I was only aware of their $10 blackjack tables. We both had a soda and he mentioned that Pueblo Pintado was just not to far away and that their water tower was actually visible in the distance. There wasn't much to the town and I set up my tent in front of their gas station which was located right off the main road. It was a warm night but I would soon be up early to get a head start on the weather.

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  1. Welcome to Pie Town! 'Section 6' beckons, so the GDBC Hercules Double IPA is going in the fridge.....!!