Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chama to Cuba

Cuba or Coo-ba was a 65 mile stretch, predominantly on black top, which actually isn't too helpful when its over 90 degrees outside. It was a long ride to reach the El Vado reservoir where I poured out my remaining water bottles only to fill them again with colder refreshment, not matter how cold it doesn't take long for them to warm up again. I then entered the 16 mile off road stretch which was near unbearable. The mid day heat and dusty roads kept my legs spinning and mind set on seeing pavement again. The town of Regina offered no services since it was July 4th, and then it was a quick 12 miles to the town of Cuba. Thankfully there was a McDonald's located in Cuba, I was rather hoping for a Sonic since I had seen one in Salida, but a belly full of calories is happy either way. 5 miles from Cuba I stated to see and feel the effects from the Los Alamos fires (see pic below!), it was certainly harder to breath and the whole of Cuba was covered with smoke. Thankfully it had settled by the next morning.

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